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Before Buying an Old House

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An old house can be an investment and a treat. The classic architectural styles are a major draw, or it might remind you of where you grew up. However, old homes can present challenges that you don’t expect to run into with more modern structures.

In particular, there are challenges related to maintenance that can trip you up. You might not think it is the case at first but trust us. Old houses can be surprising in how different they are from new ones, regarding upkeep.

Here are a few maintenance-related things to keep in mind before you buy an old house.

You had best clear your calendar early on. And regularly, at that.

Older homes have an incredible attention to detail behind them. One thing about attention to detail is that maintenance can be time-consuming. Hand-crafted wood will probably need repairs. Repainting is advisable one a year, maybe during the summer. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Remember that these homes are tough, apart from the little details.

The small details might need regular maintenance. However, the basic structure itself is sound. Most of them are made of vastly better quality timbers than what you get today. The quality of the work is also superior. Many older homes survived because the quality of work was more important than efficiency.

Replacements will likely be necessary.

Old homes come with old plumbing and old wiring. The insulation, gutters and other details might also be old. In some cases, these might still be serviceable. In others, you’ll want to clear your calendar and get them replaced.

Finally, an old home can be full of surprises.

Get a second inspection. Two separate reviews by two different professionals can help reduce the odds that the house will blindside you at some point. You never know just what might be hidden.